Diana Pozharskaya completes filming on thriller "Firebird"

Diana image.png

Diana Pozharskaya has completed filming the leading role of 'Luisa' on the feature film "Firebird". Directed by Peeter Rebane, and co-starring Tom Prior (The Theory of Everything, Kingsman: The Secret Service) as 'Sergey'. The script was co-written by Prior and Rebane, and filming for “Firebird” took place in Tallinn and Moscow.

Based on a true story Firebird is an intense cold war thriller set in the 1970's Soviet Air Force. A dangerous love triangle forms between Sergey, a troubled conscript, his best friend Luisa, a charming and ambitious secretary to the base Commander, and a daring young fighter pilot Roman. Driven by curiosity, they embark on a fatal affair of forbidden love and deception, navigating the precarious line between love and friendship. Sergey is forced to face his past as Roman's career is endangered and Luisa struggles to keep her family together. As the walls close in they risk their freedom and their very lives in the face of an escalating KGB investigation and the multiple perils of an all-seeing Soviet regime.

Firebird will be released internationally in 2020.