“Arctic Circle” starring Clemens Schick is released


The 10-part mystery crime drama series “Arctic Circle“, starring Clemens Schick as ‘Marcus Eiben’ is released today.

Set in Lapland, it follows a Finnish policewoman who finds a nearly dead prostitute in a cabin in the wilderness. She is discovered to have a deadly virus in her system and a German virologist travels to Lapland to investigate. As the case progresses, mysterious millionaire Marcus Eiben (played by Clemens), heads up to Lapland. He pretends he wants to use his charity foundation to help understand the virus but he may have more nefarious ambitions.

A major Finnish-German drama co-production, the drama was commissioned by Finnish video-on-demand service Elisa Viihde and is also airing on public broadcaster YLE. The story was developed by Yellow Film, Finland’s largest production company, which immediately envisaged Arctic Circle as its biggest project to date. 

Directed by Hannu Salonen, other cast includes: Maximilian Brückner (War Horse), Iina Kuustonen, and Pihla Viitala.