Vlad Ivanov wins Best Actor at the 2018 Gopo Awards


Vlad Ivanov has won the Best Actor in a Leading Role prize at the Gopo Awards, for his performance in One Step Behind the Seraphim. The debut film of Romanian director Daniel Sandu was the big winner at this year’s edition of the Gopo Awards -  the Romanian national film competition. 

The film, which also gathered the most nominations, took home eight awards in total: for Best Film, Best Director (Daniel Sandu), Best Script (Daniel Sandu), Best Debut Film (Daniel Sandu), Best Actor (Vlad Ivanov), Best Supporting Actor (Ali Amir), Best Image (George Dăscălescu) and the Young Hope Award (Ștefan Iancu). The movie, a coming-of-age story taking place in an Orthodox seminary, also received the award of the Romanian Association of Film Operators.

‘Because once every few years I have the opportunity of meeting and having next to me a lot of personalities from the Romanian cinema, people who make films with their soul and with professionalism, people from whom I have learned, who have given me a chance when they understood that you don’t have to be 80 to be talented, experienced actors from whom I have learned, young actors at the beginning of the carrier whom I respect for their commitment; I am grateful for all these things and for the joy you bring me when you invite me on the film set.’ – Vlad Ivanov